About Us

Teachers. They care, they nurture, they inspire. They help to shape the lives of your children.

They plan and carry out lessons, they encourage exploration and discovery, they listen to what the children have to say, they support each attempt and they cheer every success. The life of a pre-school teacher is no walk in the park. It takes great dedication and passion, selfless thinking and sacrifice. At NTUC First Campus, we recognise and appreciate our teachers who constantly inspire and partner families to fulfil the promise of each child.

As Teacher’s Day rolls round this year, we have created a special way for you to show your appreciation to teachers at your child’s centre. Write A Note to your child's teachers, thanking them for making a difference; for creating an environment to nurture happy children, and enabling you to have peace of mind while you are at work. Your personal notes will be treasured by our teachers, making this Teacher’s Day a memorable one for them.

For questions regarding this Teachers' Day Campaign, please contact us at info@ntucfirstcampus.com.